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Canada 150 Beard/Moustache Contest Details and Rules:

In celebration of Canada 150, the Caledonia Ag Society, in cooperation with the Rotary Club of Caledonia and the Canada Day Committee, will be hosting a Beard/Moustache Contest. The competition will have two rounds - one at Caledonia's Canada Day Festivities on July 1/17, and a final at this year's Caledonia Fair. Facial hair has been a form of expression for Canadian males throughout the decades so here is a chance, whether humble historian or hair covered hipster, to let your whiskers wax nostalgic.

The competition will have 5 categories at both Canada Day and the Caledonia Fair:

Category 1: Full Beard

Competition for the best full, natural beard. No styling aides, props, additional colouring allowed. Will be judged on quality, size and appearance.

Category 2: Moustache

Competition for natural moustache not connected to other facial hair. No props or additional colouring allowed. Will be judged on its quality, size and appearance.

Category 3: Most Colourful Beard - Natural

Competition for the beard showing natural colour. No artificial colouring, styling aides or props allowed.

Category 4: Most Colourful Beard - Styling aides allowed

Competition for the most colourful beard, with no restrictions on how colour is designed or achieved.

Category 5: Fake Facial Hair

Competition for the Best Fake Beard, moustache or combination. Fake Facial Hair must be attached to the face for the duration of judging of this category. Judged on originality and creativity.

Category 6: Clean Shaven to Full Beard

All entries must registration and be photographed at the Canada Day 2:45pm competition, and must be clean shaven at time of registration. Will be judged at the Caledonia Fair on the afternoon of Sunday October 1, on size, quality, and appearance of beard.

All categories are open to anyone meeting the specific category requirements. All participants are eligible for any prizes offered. Participants may enter more than one category if applicable. No preregistration required (except for Category 6). No registration fees apply. All participants agree to photography/videography of event, images from which may be used at the Caledonia Agricultural Society's discretion, for promotional and historical purposes. All participants agree that the decisions of the Judges will be final.


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