Caledonia Hometown Heroes

Etta Fleming

Etta Fleming

Etta Fleming was the creator of English Pink Ointment. This miracle product was a most sought after item and needed no advertising. Patented in 1931, it was an old family recipe handed down for generations from Etta's husband's family. Etta was responsible for its making and distribution.

She ordered the ingredients and the small 1oz tin containers and labels from Boose's Drug Store. Etta would then prepare the ointment, put it in the tins, affix the label and then take it back to Boose's Drug Store to be sold. Pharmacist Stan Parke remarked "that it is faster acting then Mecca or Zambuk ointment". Frankie Szabo, her son-in-law, said she didn't make much money but kept making the ointment for her customers who wouldn't be without it. It sold for 50 cents a tin.

The ointment was used for all manner of conditions and was suitable for people, horses and domestic animals.

Etta Fleming

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