Caledonia Hometown Heroes

Jones Bakery

Jones' Bakery

Albert Jones trained at Seldon's Bakery in the late 1800s and then opened his own bakery in April of 1904. Jones' soon became the largest bakery in Haldimand County and the first outside of Hamilton to install a breach machine. Horses and bread wagons and later a fleet of 15 bread trucks delivered to stores as far away as Brantford and to rural areas as well as to cottages in Port Dover and along Lake Erie. Mr. Dietz continued to deliver bread by horse and wagon long after the bread trucks arrived. Jones' purchased Seldon's bakery and were the sole bread makers in the area. They had 25 employees.

Albert's son Harold took over the business in 1933 and in 1946 the established family business was sold to Canada Bread. The two businesses extended their market to larger grocery stores. Harold and his wife Jean managed the bakery until Harold passed away in 1968. Harold's son Hugh was trained as a baker and kept the family business alive. His mother, Jean, continued to display artifacts and pictures throughout the shop. She passed away in 1983. Today Hugh and his wife Debbie manage the family business with their children working with them. A catering service has been added to the store.

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Jones' Bakery

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Many thanks to the Edinburgh Square Museum in Caledonia for pictures and biographical material.