Caledonia Hometown Heroes

Arthur Meighen

Sir Arthur Meighen

Arthur Meighen taught at Caledonia High School from 1897-99, it was his first job out of university. He was here for just two years before going to Winnipeg to study law.

He got involved in politics and eventually became Prime Minister of Canada in 1920.

He held a soft spot for the town his whole life, coming back frequently for visits. He was present at the 1927 Diamond Jubilee town celebrations (Canada 60 years old). And he was here for the 100th anniversary of Haldimand County in 1950.

Etta Fleming

Eva Marlene Heddle

Jones' Bakery

Jessie MacGregor and her Concert Bureau

Ranald McKinnon

Sir Arthur Meighen

Peter Robertson

Constable Bill Stotts

Sir Edmund Byron Walker

Many thanks to the Edinburgh Square Museum in Caledonia for pictures and biographical material.