The Fair at Night

A Little Tour (Agriculture)

Heavy Horses Horses If you love horses, you'll love our show. From the amazing heavy horses to the miniature show, we've got it all. Our heavy horse classes include Clydesdales, Percherons and Belgians. You can see them single and harnessed in teams. These big animals are truly spectacular in action. There are also light horse entries, youth shows, miniatures and, starting Sunday at noon, a parade of horse breeds.

Cattle Barn Cattle The dairy industry is the backbone of agriculture in Ontario and at the Caledonia Fair you can get a glimpse of the diversity and strength that make our farmers some of the best in the world. We feature a cross-section of dairy breeds - Holsteins, Jerseys and Guernseys. But it's not all about dairy. We also have a full slate of beef cattle. And you can enjoy seeing them in a unique rustic setting reminiscent of simpler times.

Goat Other Animals Seen the horses? Done the cows? There's more! Chickens (in more varieties than you thought evolutionarily possible), rabbits (fecund in every way), pigeons and ducks and geese, sheep (some shorn for your edification) and goats (they're great when you're not chasing them). The fair is a wonderful way to introduce your children to the rich and diverse world of life on the farm.

Grain Display Crops, Vegetables, Fruit and Flowers In our exhibition hall you can see a complete display of horticultural products. Hay and grain exhibits, fruits and vegetables, and flowers compete for your attention in a riot of fragrance and colour. We have prizes for best grain sheaf, biggest pumpkin, most unusual squash. And alongside them are vendors that can provide you with some of the really good things in life - like honey and fudge.

Hall Crafts, Art, Photography, and more. The essence of rural life is self-reliance and there's much more to farming than raising animals and crops. It takes a combination of skills and ingenuity to prosper in the country, and here in our exhibition hall (which we think is one of the best fair halls in the province) you can get a glimpse of some the fruits of those labours. From quilts to carvings, from Christmas decorations to Hallowe'en Hollows, from art to artifice, it's a complete country package.

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