The Fair at Night

A Little Tour (Entertainment)

Midway World's Finest Shows - Conklin Midway Rides, food and games - that's the fair midway. Conklin has them all. Famous for their inventory of thrilling, spectacular rides, Conklin has also gone out of its way to also make sure there are little rides for young children. While it's the rides that make Conklin different, they don't neglect the games - or the food. So hang on to your hat and prepare for a good time in the great carnival tradition.

Demolition Derby The Demolition Derby This is the premier entertainment feature of the fair. Loud, proud, dangerous and senseless - what more could a boy ask? Almost every year we need the fire truck that's in attendance. Friday night is "four-cylinder" night. On Saturday night the big dogs howl. Make sure to get to the grandstand early, because seats fill up very quickly and if you miss this you'll regret it. Maybe not now, but soon - and for the rest of your life.

Demolition Derby

Juggler Shows From Thursday afternoon to Sunday evening, the grounds are rocking non-stop. There are jugglers juggling and clowns clowning; unicyclists defy the laws of gravity and the conventions of good taste; the mysteries of science and magic are revealed; music gushes like a fountain (sometimes, admittedly, from ukulele bands, but you pick your poison). There are stage shows and wandering buskers, big-band rock-and-roll and quiet country duets. Most of all, there's lots of variety.


Boy and Dog You Can Be a Star! You don't have to be a bystander at the fair (though we like bystanders too, particularly paying ones). If you're a kid with a beloved pet, get into the pet show. If you're a proud parent with the most beautiful baby in the world, register for the baby show. If you're a hearty fellow with an appetite for life, there's the pie eating contest. And if you're fabulous with a ukelele - well, give us a call and leave a number.

Baby Show    Pet Show

Kids Play Your kids will love it here. We know they love the midway, but there's much more to do, all of it included in the price of admission. Our Agri-kids display features a straw mow and a cornbox (like a sandbox but more granular). There are pedal tractor pulls and other games. They can milk our big, fake cow and pet our small, real goats. They can get up close and personal with the animals in Squire McKinnon's Barn. There are lots of animals and lots of shows. Or you can pull out your wallet and head to the midway.

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