The Creighton Family Farm (Tyrone Farm)

The Creighton Family Barn

William Creighton and his family emigrated from Tyrone County, Northern Ireland during the 1845-46 famine, and settled originally near Carluke. William's son, Robert, worked for Adam Butter, and was eventually able to purchase 100 acres in Seneca on what is now LaFortune Park. In 1866 after years spent logging in the area, he purchased the present farm on River Road, between Caledonia and York, calling it "Tyrone". Robert married Janet Rae in 1870, and over the ensuing years, they had four children and built the house and barns that remain on the farm today. His son, James, purchased adjacent land,including a large woodlot, which he cut, sawed and sold throughout the area, including some heavy oak plank for the previous Caledonia Bridge. James married Mary Gibson in 1907, and 10 years later, purchased his first purebred Dual Purpose Shorthorn cattle, probably from the renowned Gibson herd, as well as other noted herds in the area. His son Robert developed the herd, and by the 1970's was selling his bulls across North America to ranchers wanting to add height and increase milk production in their beef Shorthorn herds. Tyrone cattle also won many prizes and the C.N.E. and the Royal Winter Fair. One Grand Champion Creighton bull, purchased by a rancher in Manitoba was renamed "Canadian Image", and sold to a New York buyer for $20,000, a record price for the breed at that time. Robert sold the last of his cattle before his death in 1998. His daughter Jean and husband Art, moved to the farm in 1995 with their family, growing cash crops, planting trees and preserving the farm for the next generation.

Robert Creighton was a member of the Caledonia Agricultural Society from 1961 until his death, and served as a director during that time. Jean (Creighton) Lyall has been a C.A.S. member since 2001

Submitted by Jean Lyall who joined the Fair Board in 2001.

The Creightons
The Creightons
The Creightons

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