The Paul's Rosebud Acre

Rosebud Acre

In 1969 Neil and I were looking for a place to live because he had a job at the Caledonia high School (now River Heights). At the Sachem office we were directed to the place we now call "Rosebud Acre" in Brant County, a lot taken out of the James McBlain farm. We moved in July 1969 just before man landed on the moon! The only trees were dying elms so we planted Norway maples, evergreens, lilac bushes and planted a large garden. Our first livestock were two Saanen goats from the Howley Farm - they provided us with milk, manure and kids (the goat kind)...we had to wait nine years before our daughters Catherine and Rachel were born. Our neighbours the A. McBays, the J. McBlains and the J. Kempens were a bit suspicious of us "city" folk but when Neil helped with the calving and haying and hired Lorraine and Patty Johnson as baby sitters, we became part of the neighbourhood. Many changes have taken place around here - Neil and I are both retired from teaching, the girls have moved to Florida and Sweden and now Lorraine "housesits" our dog, cat, rabbits and chickens. Our family farm is small but special.

Submitted by Matie Paul who was Homecraft President in 2002-03 and again in 2012-13. Matie is the only person to serve as Homecraft President twice.

Neil cutting firewood

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