The Peart Brothers

The Peart Brothers

The five Peart Bros. on a hayrack after a hard day's work. In birth order - Thomas L., Coatsworth, Andrew, Joe and Ernest.

Nonpariel Counsel at Caledonia Fair circa 1920

Nonpariel Counsel at Caledonia Fair circa 1920 being shown to the Judge by Ernest Peart. Thomas Peart stands on his right.

The Peart family settled in Oneida Township in 1832 when Thomas Peart came from Weardale, Durham County, England. His son Emerson operated a pure bred herd of Dual Purpose Shorthorns under the name of Emerson Peart and Sons until his death in 1917. Emerson's five sons - Thomas L., Coatsworth, Andrew, Joe and Ernest - continued to breed and show cattle under the name of Peart Bros. Their herd consisted of about 200 head. They exhibited not only at local shows but at the CNE and Royal Winter Fair where they won prizes against some of the best Shorthorns in Canada. In 1922 they not only took first place for Junior Herd at the Royal but Nonpariel Counsel also took Senior and Grand Champion. In 1928 when the Japanese government purchased dual purpose Shorthorns, four heifers were selected from the Peart Bros. herd.

The final paragraph on the Peart Bros. in the publication Shorthorn Cattle in Canada written in 1932 states "the Peart herd of dual purpose Shorthorns have supported the farming operations of three generations of farmers on the land, and the present occupants of these farms have still the firm confidence that no breed of cattle can compete with Shorthorns in Canadian Farming." Clearly history has proven otherwise since shorthorns are now rare.

Submitted by Diane Peart and Vickie Peart. The Peart family has a long history with Caledonia Fair. Thomas L. Peart was Fair President from 1933 to 1935. His sons John and Emerson also served as Fair Presidents in 1951-52 and 1975-76 respectively. Emerson was also the Fair Secretary/Treasurer from 1977 - 1985. John's wife Fern was Homecraft President in 1960-61 and Emerson's wife Jean was on the Fair Board.

Another generation followed when John's son Mark became President in 2005-2006. Son Dennis was also a member. Mark's wife Marie was Homecraft President in 2004-2005. Emerson's daughter Vickie is currently the Manager of Caledonia Fair. His son David also served on the Board.

Ernest's grandson Tom (yet another one!) and his wife Diane sit as Presidents of the 2014 Caledonia Fair and their son Wayne continues the Fair tradition.

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