The Wodskous at Lythmore Hillside Farm

The Wodskous - Then and Now

The Wodskous - Then and Now (Jodie, George, Odeyne, Sheila and Chris)

Lythmore Hillside Farm was established in 1854 by the Dunnet Family of Dunnet's Head, in northern Scotland. The mixed use farm was passed from father to son, then sold to William Dunnet's neice Margaret and husband Knud Wodskou. Their son, George, changed the farm to a purebred Holstein dairy operation which ran from the late 50's to late 90's. George and wife Odeyne are now retired from farming, living in a small house on the Hill. Daughter Jodie Easson, with husband Jamie and daughters Jessica and Jacquelyn live in the main farm house, and together the Wodskous and Eassons are caretakers of the farm, while the land is worked by the neighbouring Vaarkamp family. Lythmore Hillside is still the "gathering place" for the Wodskou Family, which includes George and Odeyne's son Chris (and his daughter Casey) and daughter Sheila (and her husband Glen Phibbs, and sons Aaron and Travis). It is arguably still the best place to see a beautiful Haldimand County sunset.

Submitted by Jodie Wodskou Easson. Jodie is Second Vice President of the Caledonia Fair, as well as a former Caledonia Fair Queen. Daughters Jessica and Jacquelyn Easson are both Junior Members of the Fair.

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