Bandaloni at the Caledonia Fair

We had some outstanding music in 2013, but one of the sweetest moments came during Bandaloni's last performance when he was almost upstaged by Ruth Lemke. You can watch some of it here, thanks to Ruth's granddaughter Bethany Ippolito, who recorded it with her camera and sent us these Youtube links:

Ring of Fire

Travel On

Bethany also wrote:

Thank you so much for allowing my Nana to have such a great time. Her name is Ruth Lemke. She suffered from a stroke 2 years ago and was in the hospital for about 6 months. This summer she has also been in the hospital several times and one of the times just recently last week. (She has only been out for about 4 days). I have never seen her move like this in 2 years and it was so amazing to see that it brought tears to my eyes. I can't thank you enough for allowing her to have a great time. This was a very special day for her and all of us. :) Thanks again.

Sincerely, Bethany Ippolito

We are pleased to be welcoming Bandaloni back in 2014. For more information visit his web page at

There are lots more Caledonia Fair videos on our Youtube channel:

Caledonia Fair Youtube Channel